"While it was true in 2000 that more black men were in prison or jail than in college, by 2010 that was no longer the case."

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In 1965 Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan published a report entitled: The Negro Family: The Case For National Action. The report later became known at the Moynihan Report. By most accounts, it is probably the most poignant collection of statistical analysis, combined with social commentary in the last 45 years; not because of what it reveal; but because of how close it has come to the truth.

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Black Male Incarceration Rates

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There has been much speculation about the numbers of black men who attend college versus those who are imprisoned. Many commentators, practitioners, social workers and other continue to quote outdated statistics about black men and incarceration. Today, there are more black men in college than in America’s prisons.

Fathers Incorporated Releases Moynihan Report

Fathers IncorporatedNearly five decades later, “The Moynihan Report Revisited,” the Urban Institute and Fathers Incorporated, gauges how the circumstances of black families have changed and how they compare with other racial and ethnic groups; documents how blacks still suffer from intersecting disadvantages that Moynihan referred to as a “tangle of pathologies”; and suggests ways to improve the circumstances of black families and reduce racial disparities.

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